The climate is changing.
Our energy infrastructure
needs to change with it.

Building Resilient Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s Economy (BRITE) is a coalition of more than 1,000 concerned citizens, workers, labor leaders, environmentalists, energy companies, community advocates and public safety professionals from across California. 

Voices of BRITE

From firefighters to scientists to business leaders, Californians from across the state are uniting around solutions that address the growing threat of extreme weather.

Join our growing coalition to keep our energy green, safe and secure.

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Achieve climate resiliency with a comprehensive approach to managing forests and other lands as well as energy infrastructure that gives utilities and markets certainty.

Upgrade the emergency response system and provide communities the resources they need to meet the demands of climate change and resulting natural disasters.

Hold utilities accountable with clear standards so that if the CPUC disallows wildfire costs, it should be because the utility acted imprudently and that imprudence was a significant contributing cause of the wildfire.

Ensure state and local governments, energy companies and communities work together to reach California’s goal of delivering 50% of our energy from renewable resources by the year 2030.

Preserve healthy, stable public and investor-owned utilities to continue to play their vital role in powering the world’s 5th largest economy.