Introducing: Voices of BRITE

From firefighters to scientists to business leaders, Californians from across the state are uniting around solutions that address the growing threat of extreme weather. “We need to come together, put our differences aside and find solutions that are in the best interest of our state.”

Rob Fong, former Sacramento City Council member

Former Sacramento Council member Rob Fong makes the case that we can’t let outdated laws risk “safe, reliable energy and investment in the technologies that are continuing to make inroads in the fight against climate change.”

Tom O’Connor, President of SFFD Local 798

“Our grid needs to be more resilient. Our firefighters need more support. And we all need to work together to address the changing weather.”

Dr. Matt Rahn, CSU San Marcos Wildfire Research Program

CSU San Marcos wildfire expert Dr. Matt Rahn has studied the environmental changes that are creating “the perfect storm for devastating wildfires,” and he agrees “we absolutely need reform” in California.

Greg McConnell, Jobs and Housing Coalition

California’s utilities are integral partners in powering our economy and helping our state fight climate change. But as Greg McConnell of the Jobs and Housing Coalition explains, we can’t be derailed by trial lawyers who are apparently putting profits above the future of California.

Fred Keeley, Former California Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore

Former CA Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Fred Keeley worries that we might be headed toward another energy crisis like we faced in the early 2000s. In order to avoid this disaster, he argues, we must upgrade our laws and work together to prepare for a future affected by climate change.