Gary Toebben, CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
“From small business to global technology companies leading the world in innovation, California’s economy is powered by reliable, safe energy delivery. We are dedicated to working with our BRITE coalition partners to achieve a climate resilient energy grid so that we are better prepared for more frequent natural disasters and our businesses have the certainty they need to grow and thrive.”

Jim Wunderman, President & CEO, Bay Area Council
“As the fifth largest economy in the world, California depends on the safe, reliable energy supplied by public- and investor-owned energy utilities. Without a more resilient energy grid and updated laws that address the ‘new normal’ of extreme weather, we cannot meet the economic or environmental challenges we face. I’m happy to work with the BRITE coalition in their efforts to support economic growth and protect communities.”

Julian Canete, President & CEO, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
“For too long, Sacramento policymakers have hoped the growing problem of extreme weather and resulting wildfires would go away on its own. Unfortunately, the financial instability we’re witnessing will have disastrous effects on the economic outlook of minority owned and operated suppliers and the skilled workers they employ.Maybe now they will seize the initiative and take action to ensure we continue to have healthy, stable electric utilities driving economic opportunity for all Californians.”

Gary Passmore, President, Congress of California Seniors
“Longtime Californians know it took our state many years to get our energy infrastructure right. But we did it — and in a way that has made California a global energy leader. Today, our statewide power grid is better supplied than ever before. That’s why we need to protect the viability of all of our utilities. We can’t go back to the days of the energy crisis. No population suffered more than the elderly, and too often tragically. We’re proud to support bipartisan efforts to mitigate the consequences of climate extremes by protecting homeowners, utilities and all of California’s at-risk populations.”

Cesar Diaz, Legislative Director, State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
“We must protect good jobs by building the strong energy infrastructure California families need. That’s why we’ve joined the BRITE coalition to support modernizing our infrastructure, updating our laws and investing in public safety. If we work together, we can protect California’s future.”

Jacque Bee, Executive Director, Recycling Black Dollars
“Energy workers, their families and the communities they serve need a safe and reliable grid. We’re proud to stand side-by-side with BRITE coalition members across California who understand that good jobs, economic growth, and community safety depend on an infrastructure and system of laws and procedures that is resilient in the face of extreme weather and natural disasters.”

Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director, Climate Resolve
“Because of climate change, we’re experiencing more intense wildfires. The smart approach is to work with our utilities today and not blame them for ‘the new normal.’ We are proud to join the BRITE coalition and support a secure energy future for California.”

Dr. Matt Rahn, California State University San Marcos, Wildfire Research Program
“Future generations are counting on California to continue to lead the way in clean energy production. We will not be able to meet our goal of reaching 50 percent renewable energy by 2030 without strong utility partners and a modern, resilient energy grid. That’s why we’re proud to join the BRITE coalition to advocate for a safe, secure energy future for every Californian.”

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